Most frequent questions and answers for application

The application language is based on the device language.

To change the theme, open the menu in the top-left corner of your screen and select “Theme”. You will then be able to select your theme among our collection.

To access the advanced settings of a module, touch the settings icon in the top-right corner of your screen. As soon as your modules start shaking, you can touch the icon of the module you wish to configure and enter its advance settings. You can access the module advanced settings only when it is connected: offline configuration is not available.
The advanced settings also allow to change the module name and icon.

In the advanced settings, touch your module icon or name to tune its settings.

Each smartphone can have a unique icon or name for a module. These modifications are only active locally.

Modules cannot be moved. To arrange the main screen to your liking, delete each one of them and then re-add them in the desired order.

To delete a module, touch the settings icon until a cross appears above the modules. By touching the cross, you will remove a module from your main screen.
This removal does not take the user off the users list.

In the advanced settings of a module, touch the lock in the upper-right corner. You can then delete another user or yourself. Note that if a user is deleted, you will have to start the authentication procedure again.

The version number is below the users list. If the version is 0.0.0, it means that the module is not properly identified.