The DPBR0x’s are a series of touch design push buttons in glass with LED feedback. They are available with 2, 4 or 6 push buttons and in black or white and should be mounted in a Domintell flush-mounted box.

The DPBR0x is connected directly to the Domintell bus via the fast connector.

Power supplyDomintell bus
Max. consumption45 mA
Connection to the busShortcut
Ambient temperature 10 °C to 50 °C
Dimensions85 mm L x 85 mm W x 25 mm D
RGB LEDs16 million dimmable colors
Mounting Domintell flush-mounted box D1722CG
Finish available in black (DPBR0x-B) or white (DPBR0x-W) in 2 (DPBR02-x), 4 (DPBR04-x) or 6 push buttons (DPBR06-x).

The DPBR0x is detected via the configuration software (scan).
You can also find the module in the menu ” Add modules “, in the category ” Inputs/Rainbow range “. The LED feedback is displayed in the “LED indicators” category of the “Outputs”.
The colours for the feedback LEDs and their brightness can be adjusted as required via the configuration software.

The DPBR0x works with both the Domintell2 and the GoldenGate configuration software. Works on all masters: DGQG01/02/03/04.
Available in white and black and requires a specific flush-mounting box.

6. Warranty
The DPBR0x is covered by a two-year warranty.

No warranty is given if the module is used for purposes other than use with the Domintell system or if the module is used in a faulty, unsuitable or malfunctioning installation.

All Domintell equipment must be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as construction and electrical installation standards and regulations in force at the time of installation.

No warranty is given if the product is modified, serviced in violation of the prescribed rules (e.g. open housing, oxidation, etc.), damaged by a natural external cause (lightning strike, frost, water infiltration, humidity, etc.) or damaged by an accidental external cause (fall, fire, overload, incorrect operation, etc.). The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from use that is contrary to Domintell’s recommendations or any other cause that is not related to Domintell’s software or hardware.