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The Domintell skills allows you to control your Domintell home automation system with Alexa


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With the Domintell skill for Alexa, interact with the home automation of your house or professional building and control it via voice commands. Lights, shutters/blinds, scenes are now fully integrated within the Alexa commands: tell your home automation what you want to see!




  • Switch on/off your smart lightings
  • Switch between room moods with the atmospheres defined in your GoldenGate configurations



  • Set the room mood by controlling any blinder
  • Open/close it all when waking up or going to bed



Example Phrases


  • Alexa, turn on the kitchen light
  • Alexa, switch to the movie atmosphere
  • Alexa, close the blinds in the living room




Smart home




Smart home, automation, lighting, shutters, blinders, scenes, Domintell, light control, atmospheres



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